We are working with sheet steel up to 40mm


Our company is engaged in manufacturing and implementation of dust control systems.

Dust control systems are designed for cleaning dust-laden air at different stages of production. Air for cleaning goes through an extensive network of air ducts and gas treatment equipment.

Cyclone separator produces dry air stream purification from solid particles. Cyclone separators have shown high efficiency in capturing particles of powder paint, fly ash, powdered sugar, cement dust, glass dust and so on.

The main components of dust control systems that we produce are:

– flanges (rectangular and round)
cyclone separators (single, mutliple)

The thickness of the duct metal is up to 3mm.

Our systems can be used at:
– Woodworking
Food industry
The production of powders and bulk materials
Production and processing of paper and cardboard products


 The video below shows the shipment of the multiclone produced by our company:

Below you can see the pictures of dust control systems elements manufactured by our company :


A suction waste conveying system: