We are working with sheet steel up to 40mm


Quality air exchange in residential and industrial premises is an important factor in the daily work of your staff.

We provide a full range of services for the implementation of ventilation systems in your organization:

✔ Ventilation;
✔ selection and supply of ventilation equipment;
✔ manufacturing ducts of galvanized sheet steel;
✔ delivery and installation;
All work is done in accordance with the requirements of GOST 24751-81 and SNiP 2.04.05-91.

An example of industrial ventilation, we made (made in 2001, a video filmed in 2015 as evidence of the durability of our products)




 Our company is engaged in the design, manufacture and installation of industrial ventilation systems.

The main features of industrial ventilation:

High costs of air
– An abundance of local exhaust suction nozzles vozduhosnabzhayuschih and specific equipment,
Increased requirements to air ducts: greater thickness of steel, sealed joints, corrosion resistance.

We produce ducts of any cross-sections of steel with a thickness up to 2 mm. The thickness of the steel suction and cyclones – up to 3mm.

Collected and mounted air ducts:



Duct large cross-section of a thick metal:








Umbrella with grease – a kind of hood, which uses special filters clean the air of impurities fat and oil. Air enters the filter passively or under the action of the fan. Filtered precipitates and oil drains into a special tank. Grease can be equipped with all types of hoods (of wall, island and rectangular type).

Below are the umbrellas at the design stage and shipment: